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We seek love, unity and restoration for all, through Jesus Christ. God has said that we can depend on Him, no matter what. As Christians, we believe we need to take care of one another. That is why at #RFCTampa, we say #IAmReliant; it’s God’s promise to us, and our promise to one another.
Our goal is to Love, Grow and Activate all people who seek a genuine and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this by teaching a reliance on God, cultivating an ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and living in the presence of the Holy Spirit.


How We Live Out Our Mission

Building Relationships Through the Reliant Community

Reliant believes in community, every area of our Ministry- Volunteers and Groups- are a part of the Reliant Community. We believe the best way to stay connected to God outside of Sunday is by being a part of a Reliant Group
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Empowering God’s People

Every person is born with a God given purpose and destiny. To unlock that destiny everyone needs Spiritual Intelligence. The Reliant family is empowered to realize this through Christian education opportunities such as our BRAND NEW class; Learn what we believe, Get the Scripture to back it up, and become a Member at Reliant.
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Growing Leaders

Albert Schweitzer said “Example is leadership”. We develop servant leadership and leadership by example through hands on opportunities to serve.
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Sending Disciples

Jesus calls us to make disciples. Reliant believes in the imperative to send disciples at home and abroad, because the entire world is a Mission Field to Believers.
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