First, we want you to join us on a Sunday for service at 10:30am. Once you make the decision for Reliant Family Church to be your home, your next step is to take BRAND NEW!

New to Church or New to Reliant?

We believe if you are new to Jesus, new to Reliant, or rededicating yourself, then you are BRAND NEW! We want you to know what we believe and get the scriptures to back it up! That's where BRAND NEW comes in. It's also where you get on your path towards Spiritual Intelligence.

Get Answers

There's a lot about church that people can take for granted. People want answers- from the Bible- to help them understand their faith. We cover topics like being saved, righteousness, water baptism, tithing, how to leave church, and many other questions you have about being a Christian. BRAND NEW is where you get real answers.


We all want to belong. Becoming a Member at Reliant means you belong to our family! You have a home and friends to support you in all the ups and downs life has to offer. More importantly, membership at Reliant means you've made a commitment to follow Jesus and his teachings, and seek a deeper relationship with God.  

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